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At Router-Mods we have many years of experience and knowledge, our team are always working hard to keep on top of future advancements.

We thoroughly test all makes and models of routers as well as antennas, to ensure we can offer the best possible products.

Router-Mods are partnered with some of the leading suppliers and installers within the industry. Ensuring top quality, reliable products and services.

Whether a Residential, Commercial, Marine or Automotive customer, Router-Mods have a solution for you.

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Google Reviews

See what our verified customers have to say from Google

  • I had an issue getting a good and stable connection with my 5G mobile 3 router/ZTE in central London. Low speeds 8down-0.8up and constant disconnects from the Internet. Found Routermods... read more

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    Anton Ulriksson Avatar Anton Ulriksson

    so happy with the end product Chris was excellent, installation was so smooth and our WiFi is amazing, just as promised! very happy with the project set up and end... read more

    Richard Mercieca Avatar Richard Mercieca

    Very very happy with Router Mods during 5G upgrade. Chris' knowledge is superb and he gave excellent advice when purchasing the kit for install. Many emails later it was install... read more

    Lindsay Keyse Avatar Lindsay Keyse

    Perfect in every way. Not only did they manage to sort out issues where others failed but also they are really good at communicating at every step of the way.... read more

    Rafa Pardiñas Avatar Rafa Pardiñas
  • Absolutely 5/5 people working at this place. I was having problems with my 5g mobile router and getting my NAT to open. Then i just tried my luck and contacted... read more

    ville vuorinen Avatar ville vuorinen

    I had a lot of questions which were answered fully prior to buying any items. Christian was extremely patient and informative. The after sales help and support was fantastic... read more

    Nicola Estherby Avatar Nicola Estherby

    Purchased router ticked all modifications boxes received an email within an hour asking if I really needed the WiFi mod, after talking with Christian decided I didn't and a... read more

    David Melton Avatar David Melton

    Excellent professional service.

    Stephen Wilson Avatar Stephen Wilson
  • I had a really positive experience of using Router Mods. I had my H122-373 back in 3 days with the full mod completed and nice little red protective caps over... read more

    Kei Tsoi Avatar Kei Tsoi

    Very quick turnaround. Antenna modifications made an enormous difference to my broadband speeds. From approximately 10 - 15 Mbs to between 100 - 150 Mbs. Able to bin my expensive... read more

    Norman lister Avatar Norman lister

    Excellent service from initial discussion and recommendations to making the modifications. Installed on a narrowboat and has improved the signal by factors of 10 20 30 times and found a... read more

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    Geoff Steele Avatar Geoff Steele

    I can't recommend Router-Mods enough, their advice regarding our workshop 4G connection has resulted in us tripling our connection/download speed, and nearly quadruple the upload speed. Don't hesitate to give... read more

    VANHAUS Conversions Avatar VANHAUS Conversions
  • My home connectivity used to be absolute rubbish until I found these guys. I have always said that I would rather live in the country with no internet than... read more

    craig spooner Avatar craig spooner

    Good pre sales advice, has me pulling 130 mbps from my modified ZTE MU5001 on a narrow boat, very router mods recived my router on Wednesday, am it was back... read more

    Martin Smith Avatar Martin Smith

    This was great experience using router mods uk. Any questions I asked were answerd also the service was brilliant and fast overall 1st class

    Mr kool g Avatar Mr kool g

    Excellent service and fantastic results after modification really great company to deal with. Thanks so much

    Anthony Ballinger Avatar Anthony Ballinger
  • Great service contacted by whattsapp on a Saturday with a problem I was having with a Huawei router he gave me advice which sorted my issue and it was... read more

    David Dolman Avatar David Dolman

    The first time I’ve broken something and been happy about it. Broke the internal antenna ports, sent to router mods who fixed and sent back in super quick time, speed... read more

    James W Avatar James W

    I had some excellent advice from the Router-Mods team before I purchased a 5G router and aerials. The advice was excellent and although I had many questions they were all... read more

    David Burn Avatar David Burn

    What can i say! From the start i was having issues with my router signal wise so was chatting to router mods via WhatsApp this company went out there way... read more

    Daniel Read Avatar Daniel Read
  • Very helpful and quick turnaround. Answered all questions and helped to boost internet speeds from 15 to 250 download

    Tom Lewis Avatar Tom Lewis

    Was getting intermittent 4G/5G service. Tried to attach external antenna and broke the TS9 connectors on my Three branded ZTE router (because they are weak and rubbish). Three said "you... read more

    Richard Greenwood Avatar Richard Greenwood

    Found out about Router-Mods on a forum and many satisfied customers highly recommended their services. I took the plunge a couple of weeks ago and my router is now set... read more

    Andrew Cooper Avatar Andrew Cooper

    These guys promised nothing, they gave no guarantees. But they seemed to know what they were talking about and seemed quite innovative. As a result of a small... read more

    Joe Paterson Avatar Joe Paterson
  • Fantastic advice and work from Chris. My area suffers from quite a bit of background signal noise (Very busy city area, lots of buildings disrupting the signal). In terms... read more

    Gareth Orriss Avatar Gareth Orriss

    Router-Mods modified my router and returned it by courier in four days, that's an amazingly fast service. I am all hooked up to external aerials and I have a... read more

    David Piper Avatar David Piper

    Chris has done an amazing job on our HUAWEI router, quick turn around too . Very professional finish , highly recommend

    May Kovacova Avatar May Kovacova

    Not only did Router Mods mod my router very quickly... but they've answered all of my questions and given me so much advice to help me get up and running... read more

    Chris Dececio Avatar Chris Dececio
  • This is the real deal If like me you have poor internet contact this guy I went from 20 mbps on a good day to nealy 80 mbps, no messing... read more

    bob ball Avatar bob ball

    Achieving the impossible... when you are faced with a location with zero connectivity provision, Chris at Router Mods came up with a solution that achieved results beyond expectation. 200+ MB... read more

    Danny Long Avatar Danny Long

    Excellent work fast turnaround. Carried out modifications and unlocked 3mobile pro 2

    Jean Burns Avatar Jean Burns

    Excellent service from Router-Mods. Cannot fault the help given by Chris. Definitely the place to go to if you have Mobile Broadband problems.

    Trevor Holbrook Avatar Trevor Holbrook
  • definitely recommend this service super friendly and very helpful recommend to all. super good at what they do they know what they're talking about. let's say you won't... read more

    william c Avatar william c

    Excellent products and perfect service from Chris. Thanks alot!

    Jesper Avatar Jesper

    Top quality marksmanship and very quick turnaround. very good communication. Chris is a tech Jedi master of the highest order.

    Ghost Army Avatar Ghost Army

    Exception service and a fantastic Product. Chris went out his way to advise me on my options prior to making a purchase. Thank you Chris, I wish you every success... read more

    Phil Clarke Avatar Phil Clarke
  • Venditore onesto !Ottima comunicazione !

    Fabrizio Ortelli Avatar Fabrizio Ortelli

    If you look any further than this page for your solution then your looking in the wrong place. This guy is only warming up. Top Tech.. master Jedi

    Colum Cusack Avatar Colum Cusack

    Chris was great and helped explain what would work best with my setup. Router being much more stable and faster due to the mods. 👍

    Andrew Moore Avatar Andrew Moore

    From de first contact with the Router-Mods, I have been truly happy with their service. The shipment was completely stress free and the product was really good. Couldn’t be more... read more

    Igor Gama Avatar Igor Gama

Facebook Reviews

See what our verified customers have to say from Facebook

  • Fantastic! Despite us being on the very edge of 5G, Christian's advice enabled us to dump the overhead telephone cable (with 30Mbs down and 5Mbs up), and we've now got... read more

    Michael Ludlow Avatar Michael Ludlow

    Chris sorted out my router after I damaged it , super service from start to finish. Great value would use again without hesitation .

    Element Roofing Avatar Element Roofing

    got my huawei 5g cpe pro 2 unlocked by these guys and everything was straight forward would definitely reccomend

    Darren Jipes Munro Avatar Darren Jipes Munro

    There's no one more knowledgeable or helpful than Chris when it comes to mobile broadband. Can't recommend them enough 👍🏼

    Chris Dececio Avatar Chris Dececio
  • Can't recommend Router-Mods enough. Managed to get super fast internet in the most rural of locations in the Republic of Ireland. As I have no cell phone reception... read more

    Patrick Walther Avatar Patrick Walther

    Many thanks router-mods for the reliable and knowledgeable communication. And most importantly, the great products. Improved speed & stability on every field.

    Jesper Avatar Jesper

    TL;DR I can totally recommend the service from Router Mods. If you're within 2 miles of a 5G site and have no obstructions, a modded CPE Pro 2 on three is... read more

    Lou Otway Avatar Lou Otway

    Amazing service from Router-Mods. I sent my router on Monday and I received it back fully modified by Thursday, I also purchased an additional 5G antenna which arrived at the... read more

    Craig Barber Avatar Craig Barber
  • Fantastic piece of kit was provided and modified my download speeds went from 3~4 mbps to a range between 36and 98 mbps now thanks to router mods well done guy’s... read more

    Simon Evans Avatar Simon Evans

    Amazing Service! a real Pro ☝🏼

    Harry Bristol Avatar Harry Bristol

    Used their unique service for mod to my 373 and it was quickly modified and set back looking like it had been done straight from the factory. My reason for... read more

    Jacob Axford Avatar Jacob Axford

    Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish had a massive email trail helped me when speeds were not to great every question answered definitely goes the extra mile also knows... read more

    Stewart James Avatar Stewart James
  • Consulted Chris about improving 4g speeds and setting up an extra 4g router for redundancy. very knowledgeable, polite and helpful. highly recommended.

    James Billett Avatar James Billett

    Fantastic service from a very knowledgeable & friendly team. I thought high speed Internet was unachievable on the East Yorkshire Coast. After speaking to Chris he advised me on what... read more

    Andrew Sherburn Avatar Andrew Sherburn

    Sent Chris two routers to be modded , one was the huawei h122-373 to be modded for 4g and 5g and the other was a microtik lte18. Now I have Good... read more

    Justin Madden Avatar Justin Madden

    Fast unflustered turnround of my router ! And all questions dealt quickly and clearly Great service !

    Michael Neal Avatar Michael Neal
  • Gained about 40% improvement with the mods made. Very happy with quality of work done and the support and Intel invaluable. Highly recommended.

    Alex Butler Avatar Alex Butler

    Fantastic service, high quality work and massive internet speed gains. Router-mods offer so much more than modifications by offering help and advice from a seemingly bottomless pit of knowledge. Highly... read more

    James Leigh Avatar James Leigh

    Incredibly pleased with the service provided. Pretty much tripled my download speeds and uploads have doubled. Would highly recommend!

    Becka Brinn Avatar Becka Brinn

    Had my router recently modified by router-mods. friendly and helpful staff, fast service and massive gains in speeds.

    Reece Chaplin Avatar Reece Chaplin