On-Site Installation Info

On-Site Installation Services & Information

Router-Mods are now offering an On-Site installation service. Contact us for more information or to book your installation today.

Many of our customers are unsure of how to install their antennas or simply do not have the access equipment to install them. They may have difficulty knowing how or where to route cables, or where to best position their router and antennas. Maybe they would simply prefer to leave it to the professionals.

Router-Mods is here to help and take care or all installation requirements.

Router-Mods installers cover the majority of mainland UK. Installations start at £499 per day. Further charges may apply depending on distance and accommodation (if required) and use of additional access equipment (where ladders can not reach).

Leicester Installation

On-Site Services we provide

  • 4G/5G Router installation
  • Antennas installation & alignment
  • Mast pole and brackets install
  • Wi-Fi Mesh setup and install
  • Ethernet ports, extensions and cable runs
  • CCTV
  • Switches & data cabinets
  • Advance networking features, firewall, routing & VPN setup
  • Aggi – aggregation router setup and install
  • LoRa WAN HNT antenna installation & setup

Safety & Insurances

To ensure the safety of our installers, clients and their property, there are a few key factors that you should be aware of.

On-Site Safety:

In order to securely work from heights whilst using ladders, two 15mm holes maybe drilled into the property (ground level & working level) allowing us to affix anchor points to secure the ladders preventing them from slipping potentially causing harm to the installer or damage to the property.

Maximum working height from ladders is 9 meters (roof apex of a two story building). If the installation requirement is above this height, additional access equipment maybe required, which will be charged independently.
Installers are not qualified electricians, they will not install 240v power outlets or extensions, please ensure there is adequate power required at the location of equipment installation. Routers are normally installed in the loft and powered via POE (Power Over Ethernet), CAT5e is then installed between the router and the power outlet.

Gloucester Installation