Aggi Router Info

ISP Aggregation

Pre-configured routers ready to go! Just plug and play.

Introducing our new “Aggi” product range of pre-configured routers ready to go, suitable for residential and business.

Router-Mods have gone that extra mile to offer you a pre-configured router that allows you to use multiple internet connections simultaneously to boost your connection speed, whilst offering failover protection and load balancing. Also offering protection with its advanced firewall.

Pre-Configuration details

Aggi routers are pre-configured to simultaneously allow


Other standard configurations are available here.

If you need a custom configuration, please contact us.

We have tailored our configuration to suit most environments.

Connect your ISP modems into the WAN ports and user devices into the LAN ports.

Let the Aggi take care of aggregating the connections with failover and load balancing while protecting the entire network with its advance firewall features.

Throughput Speed Test Demonstration Video

Note: this throughput speed test was created using a custom Aggi machine with 10GBE LAN cards allowing throughput greater than 1GBPS and 4x ISP connections aggregated.

Custom machines and configurations are available upon request, tailored to your needs. Please contact us.


Firewall and Router

Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) GeoIP blocking Anti-Spoofing Time based rules, Connection rules Dynamic DNS, Reverse proxy Captive portal guest network Supports concurrent IPv4 and IPv6 NAT mapping (inbound/outbound) VLAN support (802.1q) Configurable static routing IPv6 network prefix translation IPv6 router advertisements Multiple IP addresses per interface DHCP server, DNS forwarding Wake-on-LAN, PPPoE Server


IPsec and OpenVPN Site-to-site and remote access VPN support SSL encryption VPN client for multiple operating systems L2TP/IPsec for mobile devices Multi-WAN for failover IPv6 support Split tunneling Multiple tunnels VPN tunnel failover NAT support Automatic or custom routing Local user authentication or RADIUS/LDAP

Intrusion Prevention System

Snort-based packet analyzer Layer 7 application detection Multiple rules sources and categories Emerging threats database IP blacklist database Pre-set rule profiles Per-interface configuration Suppressing false positive alerts Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Optional open-source packages for application blocking

Enterprise Reliability

Optional multi-node High Availability Clustering Multi-WAN load balancing Automatic connection failover Bandwidth throttling Traffic shaping wizard Reserve or restrict bandwidth based on traffic priority Fair sharing bandwidth User data transfer quotas

User Authentication

Local user and group database User and group-based privileges Optional automatic account expiration External RADIUS authentication Automatic lockout after repeated attempts

Proxy and Content Filtering

HTTP and HTTPS proxy Non Transparent or Transparent caching proxy Domain/URL filtering Anti-virus filtering SafeSearch for search engines HTTPS URL and content screening Website access reporting Domain Name blacklisting (DNSBL) Usage reporting for daily, monthly, etc.



Web-based configuration Setup wizard for initial configuration Remote web-based administration Customizable dashboard Easy configuration backup/restore Configuration export/import Encrypted automatic backup to Netgate server Variable level administrative rights Multi-language support, Simple updates Forward-compatible configuration Serial console for shell access and recovery options

System Security

Web interface security protection CSRF protection HTTP Referer enforcement DNS Rebinding protection HTTP Strict Transport Security Frame protection Optional key-based SSH access Block private networks of WAN as default Block bogon networks as default L2TP VPN, OpenVPN, IPsec Block bogon networks as default

Reporting & Monitoring

Dashboard with configurable widgets Local logging Remote logging Local monitoring graphs Real-time interface traffic graphs SNMP monitoring Notifications via web interface, SMTP, or Growl Hardware monitoring Networking diagnostic tools BandwidthD, MRTG like traffic chart

Hardware Specifications