At Router Mod we’re helping the environment with changes to the way we package and print to reuse and reduce waste product.

Packaging Strategy:

In today’s society, helping the environment in every way we can is at the forefront of our minds. Recycling and reusing materials are something that we should all be doing, by way of habit. At Router-Mods, we feel passionate about doing our part for the environment. We want to educate everyone on how we will reuse materials for shipping their parcels.

What are the benefits of of reusing materials for shipping?

To send a parcel or package uses a lot of different materials such as cardboard, paper, polystyrene and bubble wrap. All of these materials can easily be reused by simply saving the materials that you have received within a parcel.

Reusing materials of any kind cuts down on the amount of waste, that ultimately would otherwise use up more space in landfill sites. As well as helping the environment. Please forgive us if your order is not in a crisp new, unbranded box, but at least you know why.

Printed user guide Strategy:

Currently router-mods provides printed user guides to each customer who purchases any type of modification service. This in turn wastes ink, and materials. In this digital era, where practically anything can be obtained via the intranet, we feel its time to help the planet where possible.

Router-Mods have taken the initiative to stop all printed user guide production and offer all user guides as a downloadable PDF document that will be found within the product descriptions in our website shop. This update will be rolling out over the upcoming weeks.