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Some of our requested designs & prints

Andonstar-AD249-AD246 3D Printed Bracket

Ubiquity US-16-XG 10G Fan Conversion Housings

Andonstar AD409 AD407 ADSM302 3D Printed Bracket

3D Printing Service

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CAD Drawing & Design Services

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Router-Mods 3D printing service have invested in the latest 3D printing technology, to bring you revolutionary Rapid Prototyping Services. We have a variety of plastics with different properties and intended purposes from flexibles up to polycarbonate materials.

Using your CAD data, we can 3D print your prototype in your desired material, and have it cleaned and ready for you within 48 hours typically.

We have access to a variety of 3D Printers & Printing materials, our experienced technical team are available to assist you with material selection depending on your requirements.

Take a look in our shop at some of the printed designs requested by our customers.

Design and printing pricing varies depending on design and printing requirements.