ZTE MC888 PRO 5G Router & Modification Services


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ZTE MC888 PRO 5G Router & Modification Services

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ZTE MC888 PRO 5G Router & Modification Services

Purchasing options:

WIFI Modification – Converts the internal WIFI antennas for external antenna use providing you with 4x SMA WIFI antenna ports.

  • Router Options:
    • Without Modifications selected – Includes a new, unused unlocked router that will be unmodified.
    • With Modifications selected – Includes a new, unused unlocked router that will be modified to your selected modifications.
    • Send your router – Requires you to send us your router for modification.

Full Mod – Provides 4x 4G SMA ports and 4x 5G N77/N78/N79 SMA Ports.

Part Mod – Part Modification – provides 2x 5G N77/N78/N79 SMA Ports.

NOTE: Only purchase the Part Mod service if you have either:

  • (5G Router only) Damaged the factory external antenna ports while previously receiving 5G signal with an external antenna attached prior to damaging the ports.
  • (5G Router only) Does not have factory external antenna ports but are receiving 5G signal via internal antennas and wish to improve the 5G signal.

If either of the above, do not apply to you then please purchase the full modification.

Please Note – All modifications (4G/5G & WIFI) removes and replaces all internal antennas for SMA external antenna ports. The internal antennas will no longer function. The router will be reliant on the new SMA ports for connectivity.

Router Modification Service

This Purchasing option is used to purchase our fantastic, well known and loved router antenna modification service.

This requires you to send your router to use for modification.

Modification Service Process:

Once you have completed the checkout process, please dispatch your router to the address within you purchase receipt (received via email) and provide us with the tracking information via email.

More details about the modification:

  • Please look in our “FAQ” section for our more frequently asked questions.
  • For more information and what this modification can, do take a look at our  “Modification Info” page.
  • Download and read our “Modification User Manual” in the download tab below

More Tools & Information:

Need help getting up an running?. Don’t forget Router-Mods offer an onsite installation service. Click here for more information.

Download our advance guides for more in-dept details for everything you need to know for the perfect installation.

Don’t forget to take a look at our “installation prep” free guide.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

Additional information

Weight 1.99 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 20.5 cm
4G/5G Mod Type

Full Mod, Part Mod, No Mod


Yes, No


Send Us Your Router, Buy Router From Us

Router Features


Router Specifications

Feature Description Support Remarks
Artwork Dimensions 100*100*205mm Yes
Weight About 754g Yes
Form factor 5G CPE(SA & NSA)
User manual Optional
Quick guide Yes
Warranty cards Optional
Battery No
AC adapter 12V/2A, DC470 Yes
Network cable 1 cable is included in the package Yes
EAN Optional Can be customized
TAC 86581106 Optional
Solution Wireless chipset supplier Qualcomm Yes
Routing and WiFi chipset supplier Qualcomm Yes
NFC NXP Yes Support easy Wi-Fi connection
Wireless chipset model SDX62 Yes Power Management: PMX65
Wireless processor info Arm Cortex-A7 up to 1.8 GHz Yes
Routing and WiFi chipset model IPQ5018 + QCN6024 Yes
Routing and WiFi processor info Dual-core ARM cortex-A53 1.0GH Yes
USIM/SIM slot Standard 6PIN SIM card interface
3V SIM card and 1.8V SIM card
Yes 4FF
Memory(SDRAM/NAND) Modem: 4Gbits Nand+4Gbits LPDDR4
AP: 2Gbits Nand+4Gbits LPDDR3
MICRO SD slot No
USB interface 1 Yes TypeC
Only for debug
RJ45 interface 2 Yes 1GE: 10Base-T /100Base-T /1000Base-T
RJ11 interface 1 Yes default: VoLTE&CSFB
WiFi users access 128 Yes 2.4GHz:64; 5GHz:64
Maximum power consumption 14.8W Yes
Power indication LED Single color (White)
Always on(White)—-power on
Off—-powered off
WIFI indication LED Single color (White)
Always on—-WLAN working normally
Blinkling—-WPS is activing
Network mode indication LED Red—-Turn on but not register
White Solid—-Connect or Register to NSA or SA network
Blue Solid—-Connect or Register to 3G or LTE only
LAN port LED Single color (Green&Orange)
Green Solid—-The LAN port is connected
Orange blink—-The LAN port is connected with data transmission
Off—-No network cable connected
Yes It’s standand RJ45 LED status
RF Chipset SDX62 Yes
SRS Yes N41, N77, N78, N79
Waveform CP-OFDM for UL&DL
Sub Carrier 30KHz, 15KHz Yes Support SCS 30KHz for TDD bands and 15KHz for FDD bands
Main antenna Internal antenna Yes
Antenna Gain 700~960MHz: 0.5~1.5dbi
1450~2700MHz: 2~2.5dbi
3300~4200MHz: 4dBi and 10dBi
GSM band No
UMTS band B1/8 Yes
LTE band LTE:B1/3/7/8/20/28/32/38/40/42/43 Yes
5G Sub6 Band N1/3/7/8/20/28/38/40/75/77/78 Yes N41/77/78/79 support 2T4R
5G mmWave Band No Doesn’t support mmWave by default.
NSA 5G + LTE Yes Yes There are so many EN-DC ability on this device, if you want to know  more abilty of this device to match your network, please provide your requirement and make further evaluation.
When EN-DC is supported,, the max ability is:
10Layer LTE + 120M TDD Sub6(2CC); 16 Layer LTE + 80M TDD sub6(1CC)
NR CA Yes, just support 2CA Yes
MIMO for wireless 5G Sub6:n1,n3,n32,n38,n40,n41,n7,n75,n78 supports 4*4MIMO;
LTE: B1,B3,B32,B7,B38,B40 supports 4MIMO
transmitter power for wireless 26dBm for N41,N78
23dBm for other bands
WiFi band 2.4G & 5G Yes
MIMO for WiFi 2.4GHz:2MIMO
Max. transmitter power for WiFi 2.4GHz:11b    19dBm
11g    17dBm
11n    16dBm
11ax   13dBm
5GHz:    11a     16dBm
11n     15dBm
11ac   14dBm
11ax   13dBm
Technical standard WCDMA WCDMA CS: UL 64kbps/DL 64kbps
WCDMA PS: UL 384kbps/DL 384kbpsHSDPA: DL 14.4Mb/s(Category 10)
DL 21Mb/s(Category 14)
DL 42Mb/s(Category 24)
UL 5.76Mb/s(Category 6)
LTE LTE FDD(DL Category19, UL Category18):
DL 1.6Gb/s
DL 1.12Gb/s
UL 40Mb/s
Yes FDD peak rates require DL: 256QAM + 5CA (16 layers);  UL: 256QAM  + 2CA intra-bands and inter-bands
TDD peak rates require DL: 256QAM + 5CA (16 layers);  UL: 256QAM + 2CA intra-bands and inter-bands. And TDD frame config 2 (DL/UL   ratio 7:2)
This is theoretical Max Rate on this device platform. The different CA requirement will result different rate
NSA 5G Sub + LTE Band LTE FDD + Sub6G
DL3.03 Gb/s
UL 180Mb/s
Yes LTE FDD + Sub6G
DL: LTE 16layer/256QAM + NR 100M /256QAM +75% DL duty cycle;
UL: LTE 20M 256QAM + 100M NR 256QAM 25% UL
This is theoretical Max Rate on this device platform. The different CA requirement will result different rate
SA 5G Sub6 5G Sub6G -TDD
DL 1.716 Gb/s
UL  160Mb/s
Yes DL peak rates requires: 120MHz + 256QAM + 4MIMO 75% DL duty cycle;
UL peak rates requires: 100MHz + 256QAM + 2MIMO 25% duty cycle.
This is theoretical Max Rate on this device platform. The different CA requirement will result different rate
Bandwidth of Sub6G 40MHz, 60MHz, 80MHz, 100MHz, 50MHz, 90MHz Yes Support different BWs for didiffent band; Support these BWs for n78 and n41;
Modulation Sub6G
DL: 256QAM
UL: 256QAM
UL: 256QAM
BWP Yes There is four bandwidth parts (BWPs) at most for receptions in a downlink bandwidth, but just one is active.
Network Slicling Yes
3GPP release Release 16 Yes
WiFi standard 802.11b/g/n/a/ac/ax Yes Support band steering, Easymesh.
WiFi Band 2.4G:  20M/40M
5G:     20M/40M/80M/160M
WiFi Speed 2.4GHz 2MIMO 575Mbps
5GHz 2MIMO 4.8Gbps
The totoal spped can up to 5.37Gbps
Yes This is theoretical speed
WPS PBC(Push Button Config) & station PIN Yes
IP protocols RFC 791 (IP) Yes
RFC 793 (TCP) Yes
RFC 768 (UDP) Yes
RFC 792 (ICMP) Yes
RFC 826 (ARP) Yes
RFC 1661 (PPP) Yes
RFC 1332 (IPCP) Yes
RFC 1334 (PAP) Yes
RFC 1994 (CHAP) Yes
Browser IE Yes
Firefox Yes
Safari Yes
Opera Yes
Chrome Yes
ZTE Link Andriod and iOS APP to management the CPE Yes
Router Port forwarding Yes
IP filter Yes IP/MAC/Port/URL filter
UPnP Yes
VPN passthrough PP2P/L2TP/IPSec Yes
VPN Client PP2P/L2TP Yes
Voice Yes VoLTE is default
Fax No
SMS Optional Can be customized
Phonebook Optional Can be customized
Network lock Optional Can be customized
Up to 42 concurrent PLMN IDs can be supported
Language English Default Yes
Firewall switch Enable/Disable IP/MAC/Port/URL filter Yes
TR069 Yes Can be customized
Online update FOTA Yes
HW buttons &switches Power button No
Reset button To restore factory default configurations after pressing for 3 seconds Yes Button located on the bottom of the device
WPS button To activate the PBC(Push Button Config) function Yes Button located on the back of the device
Approvals &Certification CE Yes
GCF Optional Can be provided if it is mandatory
FCC Optional Can be provided if it is mandatory
WiFi certification Yes
Operating temperature -20 to 55° C Yes
Storage temperature -40 to 70° C Yes
Humidity 5% to 95% Yes
Market launch details Engineering samples
25-Mar-22 Yes
Final samples
10-May-22 Yes
Product market launch date (planned)
03-Jun-22 Yes

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